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[21.09] Patch 8.04

Postprzez Kage Przemo » Wt wrz 26, 2017 11:59 am

Today we closed another few characters with Character Balance but It is not over yet and the rest will be added tomorrow Please note that if we added new jutsus to the character today it does not mean that new ones wont be added tomorrow!

And so Today we added/changed :
Ten Ten
Added new Legendary weapon for Ten Ten : Bashosen
Bashosen no SeiSei [400 Lvl] - New Jutsu for Ten Ten
And yeah Ten Ten will receive additional normal jutsu dont worry

Kireme - changed [Lvl] from [Lvl 20] to [Lvl 5]
Ninpou Choujuu Giga - New Jutsu also changed [Lvl] from [Lvl 30] to [Lvl 15]
Koshi Tandan - [Lvl 30] Old Ninpou Choujuu Giga but with changed effect
Sune Ku [Lvl 45] - now snakes destroy themselves after a while
Sumigasumi no jutsu [Lvl 165] - New Jutsu for Sai

Inuzuka Kiba
Aka no Soshaku [Lvl 300] - Slightly upgraded
Shikyaku no jutsu [Lvl 15] - New Jutsu for Kiba
Gatenga [Lvl 165] - New Jutsu for Kiba

Hyuuga Neji
Toku Tenketsu - changed [Lvl] from [Lvl 20] to [Lvl 50], upgraded
Hakke Shotei [Lvl 15] - New Jutsu for Neji
Ganji Tenketsu [Lvl 200] - New Jutsu for Neji

We have also fixed some bugs when teachers said wrong levels for some jutsus ex. Temari : Fuuton Arashi

IT IS NOT over yet, we will still change most of the jutsus during upcoming days

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