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[18.09] Patch 8.02

Postprzez Kage Przemo » Wt wrz 26, 2017 11:58 am

Today we have added a small patch again to fix bugs that were reported by Players, there will no longer be a difference between NPCs selling Pills on FACC and PACC.
We have also deleted Kiri-Gakure Border NPC and you no longer need Zen Coins to leave Kiri-Gakure Lands. We have also added :
-Event Box D
-Event Box C
And you can now exchange your points gained at the event for real prizes!
Also Name Change in Premium Shop price has been changed from 5000 too 2500.

We have updated the map and added some new passages so you wont have to go around the map every single time. Also Criminal Mobs looktype has been changed.

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